Roles and Responsibilities FAQs

Roles and responsibilities FAQs regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)


What can my school expect from me? 

Your school should by now have a policy for working from home and teaching via multimedia platforms.  If this has not happened, you must ask your school leaders for this information as soon as possible. It may also be an idea to request that the school provide you with secure platforms which they would like you to use. Voice has concerns about, and has issued guidance on, live streaming and video conferencing with students. You can find this guidance here.  

As a guide, the following guidance on working from home is taken from the ACAS website  

“Employers and managers should make sure that everyone working from home knows what's expected of them. 

 “This includes agreeing: 

  • when employees will be available to work 
  • how they will keep in touch 
  • how work-life balance will be managed, for example taking regular breaks and switching off from work at the end of the day 
  • rules around storing information and data protection 
  • how performance will be managed and measured - taking into account people's circumstances where necessary 
  • who employees should contact if they have any problems or their circumstances change 

 “Employers should: 

  • talk to their employees and workers about how they might improve working from home arrangements 
  • continue to consider which roles and tasks can be done from home – this might involve doing things differently and not assuming a role cannot be based at home 
  • support employees to adjust to remote working 
  • consider individual employees' needs, for example anyone with childcare responsibilities, a long-term health condition or a disability 
  • write down the arrangements that have been agreed so everyone's clear 

 “The employer should still check that: 

  • each employee feels the work they're being asked to do at home can be done safely 
  • employees have the right equipment to work safely 
  • managers keep in regular contact with their employees, including making sure they do not feel isolated 
  • reasonable adjustments are made for an employee who has a disability 

Employees also have a responsibility to take reasonable care of their own health and safety. 

Anyone working from home should keep in regular contact with their manager. They should also tell their manager about: 

  • any health and safety risks 
  • any homeworking arrangements that need to change 

In addition to this, you should think carefully about where you are storing confidential information and make sure it is kept in a secure and safe location. 

Be very careful with how you share your personal information. You should not share your own personal information including phone number, skype or any other social media details with any students, or anyone you are otherwise not comfortable with. 

Can I be expected to go into work to do a deep clean if the workplace closes to the public? 

Yes. In these circumstances we do not deem this to be an unreasonable one-off request, however you should be given time and all necessary equipment to keep safe and this should not be a regular task nor in addition to your usual duties. 

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