Industrial action H&S

In the event of industrial action, the health and safety of employees and the children or students can be massively affected; therefore it is vital that the proper steps are taken when industrial action is taking place.

It is the employer's responsibility to decide in light of planned industrial action if it will be safe to remain open, however, we advise members to consider safety at all times too, for both themselves, and their students/children.

Do not remain on the premises alone or in very small numbers if your colleagues withdraw as, on the grounds of health and safety, this would be unwise. We would advise that you write to your employer to say that you are available to undertake any tasks that are appropriate and possible, taking into account the current circumstances, and that you would be happy to undertake appropriate duties in a safe environment.

However, members do have a responsibility for their own health and safety. If you have a reason to believe that crossing a picket line could cause problems – emotionally or physically, or you would find yourself working alone in your place of work, you should report it to your manager in advance, stating that you are available for work, but due to health and safety reasons, you will be working from home unless alternative premises are available that you would be happy to undertake appropriate duties at.

For more information, see our information sheet: Industrial Action

Click here to download our letter to employer template (Word) to use in the event of a strike