Insurance Benefits (workplace & personal)

Voice’s membership benefits cover a large amount of your belongings as well as personal care while in your place of work, with regards to injury, assault or loss and protection of your personal property.

As a member of Voice, you will be covered by our insurance benefits, which cover a number of work related issues, ranging from:

  • protection of property*– your personal belongings, including spectacles and pedal cycles, are covered against loss and damage while on workplace premises to a maximum claim of £300 (excess £15);
  • malicious damage to cars and bikes* when parked at your place of work, up to a maximum of £500 (excess £50);
  • personal money* up to £150 (excess £15); and
  • public liability & professional indemnity insurance for self-employed teachers, lecturers and educational consultants.

Voice’s insurance also covers assaults and accidents in the workplace, covering:

  • dental expenses up to £200;
  • hospitalisation benefit of £50 (per day) up to 365 days;
  • death or disablement £10,000; and
  • funeral expenses up to a maximum of £5,000

*Loss or damage must be reported to your employer who you must then obtain a letter from to confirm the loss or damage of your property or self on their premises.

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If you are interested in or have any enquiries regarding Voice’s insurance benefits, please contact our membership team or call them on 01332 372 337.

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