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Secure the peace of mind that you deserve, when you join Voice, the education and early years section of Community.

We're in your corner and offer the security and protection that you need so that you can concentrate on what matters most – your career.

We represent all those that work in the education and early years sectors, such as:

  • Teachers, lecturers and tutors
  • Headteachers, deputy headteachers and senior management team
  • Nannies
  • Support staff in and out of the classroom
  • Early years and childcare practitioners
  • Self-employed tutors.

Being a member of Voice Community offers you many benefits, ranging from:

  • advice, support and legal representation with any workplace issues you face;
  • insurance benefits that cover your health and possessions whilst in the workplace;
  • access to publications & resources;
  • free and discounted legal support for non-workplace issues;
  • rewards scheme, our cost-saving discounts programme; and
  • free access to our CPD programmes and bespoke workshops.
  • campaigning for those working in education and childcare;
  • Community member support fund;
  • charity funding for sponsorships or charity;
  • child benefit gifts;
  • life change benefit such as financial support during bereavement; and
  • financial support for members with savings accounts, loans and mortagages.

Coverage with us commences as soon as you receive application confirmation. Voice Community is unable to offer assistance with employment issues that arose before joining.

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Interested in finding out more about us? Click here to contact us with any query you have about joining Voice Community, and a member of our team will contact you.