Letter for employer

In the event of industrial action, you may be expected to work if not taking part in the strike. Therefore, it is important that you let your employer know of your willingness to work on that day. Voice has put together a letter template for you to follow if such an event occurs.

Please follow this letter template if you are still willing to work for your employer in the event of industrial action to ensure that you are not unduly penalised if the employer decides to close.

Dear [employer’s name]

Industrial action on [date]

I am writing on the advice of my union, Voice, to confirm that I will not be participating in the industrial action, taking place on [date]. Consequently, I am available for work in line with the terms and conditions of my own contract and I understand that I can be directed to undertake some extra duties, if that direction is a reasonable one in all the circumstances.

I need to add that I am not prepared to undertake the work of striking colleagues, because I respect their democratic right to take industrial action. Nor am I prepared to work in conditions that could place the health and safety of [pupils/children/students], or myself at risk.

I trust this letter will inform your planning and I welcome the opportunity to discuss arrangements that affect me if you consider that helpful.

Yours sincerely,

[your name].

Click here to download our letter to employer template (Word) to use in the event of a strike

For more information, see our information sheet: Industrial Action