Council believes that Community are an ideal match to Voice, our values and the services we offer our members. Here is more from Community on who they are and why they feel they and Voice will be stronger together.

Who are Community

We are Community - the modern union for a changing world. We want the communities where our members live and work to grow and flourish and we want to play our part in making that happen.

We recognise the vitally important role of education professionals within our members’ communities so we would welcome the opportunity to support you more by welcoming Voice into the family of unions in Community.

We understand and share many of the same values. For example, we want to work with employers not against them because we believe the best outcomes for our members can be achieved through effective negotiation.

We respect the history and traditions of all the different unions that have joined together over the years in Community because we know our strength is in our diversity of membership. Should Voice members decide to join with us, the strength of our organisations will increase.

Community wants to work with Voice staff and members to enable Voice to continue to provide its unique offer to education professionals. We recognise that Voice is proud of its independent approach and we want to support that into the future.

We hope Voice members will take the positive step to join with Community, so, together, we can create a better working world for all our members

Here are some of Community’s benefits that would become available to Voice members…

We like to support our members and their families. We’ve provided dozens of our members’ children with a higher education bursary to help them with the costs of their first year at university.

We like to celebrate when the Community family grows. We give a £50 ‘baby bonus’ to our members on the birth or adoption of a child. Members’ children also get birthday cards and gift vouchers at key milestones.

We stand by our members when times get tough. Community’s hardship fund is available to members when they have nowhere else to turn in a difficult financial situation. Each year we help many members get back on their feet.

We’re there for our members as their life changes. Our LifeChange benefit provides a helping hand to members and their loved ones. The benefit builds a pot of money through continued membership, which can be drawn down in case of accident or bereavement. Members can also claim part of their pot as a 65th birthday bonus.

We support our members’ efforts in their communities. From kids football teams to fundraising drives to community events, our members can apply for donations to their causes.

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