Membership Benefits

See what benefits you get from being a member with Voice, the education and early years section of Community.

Help and advice

Voice Community's legal and casework services are provided by our helpful team of UK-wide network of education-specialist officers and volunteers. All work is supported by our in-house and external solicitors, who will ensure that your issues are dealt with promptly and effectively.

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Insurance benefits

Voice Community’s membership benefits cover a large amount of your belongings as well as personal care while in your place of work, with regards to injury, assault or loss and protection of your personal property.

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Legal Services

Voice Community members have access to legal services and support for non-workplace issues provided by Pattinson & Brewer. Their lawyers work with trade unions and help people like Voice Community members and their families with issues such as personal injury, clinical negligence, wills, probate and elderly client issues and conveyancing and matrimonial problems. 

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Access to online resources

Access thousands of online resources around topics such as health and safety in the workplace, prevent duty, managing challenging behaviour in children and students as well as maternity/paternity leave. Voice Community members also have access to industry news through regular members’ magazine and email updates. 

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Access to CPD and workshops*

We believe that access to learning is a fundamental human right. Education builds confidence and self-esteem and gives people dignity. It’s also a key to succeeding in our ever-changing working world, where flexible skill development is vital. We offer a growing range of CPD and workshops to further our members' professional development, including CPD-accredited courses, conferences and free to attend events.

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Discounts and savings

Don’t miss out on some amazing cost-savings available to members through our members' reward scheme. Designed to help you save money in both your professional and personal life, our rewards programme could help you make significant savings on your annual expenses.

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LifeChange benefit*

Every life stage brings its own rewards and challenges, so our LifeChange benefit ensures that you’re getting that little extra help you need to make things easier. Whether you or your family are recovering from a loss or you’ve had an accidental injury, or you are celebrating a milestone birthday, we can help.

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Capital Credit Union*

Community works with Capital Credit Union to offer Community members access to various banking services, such as savings accounts, loans and mortgages. Credit Unions are run by members and the board of directors are all volunteers, and support people regardless of financial background.

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*Community’s benefits and services are available only to members who are paying for a Voice Community subscription. 

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