2019 General Election – JUAC’s Priorities for Asbestos in Schools and Colleges

Joint Union Asbestos Committee's 2019 'Election Manifesto'

JUAC calls on all political parties to include the following commitments in their manifesto:

1. To collect and share data centrally on the extent, type and condition of all asbestos in schools.

2. To use this data to develop a programme for the phased removal of all asbestos in educational establishments, starting with the most dangerous first, with completion no
later than 2028.

3. To provide adequate capital funding for all asbestos to be removed via this national programme.

4. In line with commitments made by the Government in the 2015 Asbestos Policy Review to prioritise the development of school specific risk assessments, asbestos air tests and environmental levels which take into account the vulnerability of children to asbestos exposure.

5. To support duty holders by providing funded mandatory training, and adequate support and funding from the Government for asbestos management and removal.

6. To support duty holders to provide information about the presence and condition of asbestos in their school(s) and the steps being taken to manage it to stakeholders,
including staff and parents.

Read the 'Manifesto' (pdf)


The Joint Union Asbestos Committee (JUAC) is a non-party political group that seeks to protect education workers and children from the dangers of asbestos by raising awareness and campaigning for improved asbestos management in schools.



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