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Updates for members on Derby City Council?s Equal Pay Review.

20 April 2017


Derby City Council agreement in respect of schools based Support Staff (non-teaching) 

Following the ongoing dispute between Derby City Council (DCC) and schools based support staff in their employ, an agreement has been reached, though there are some elements of negotiation that are yet to be confirmed, and other actions still under consideration. 

This agreement applies to ALL eligible schools support staff, where DCC administers the schools payroll.

This applies to staff regardless of which union they are members of. 

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Click here to read Voice’s letter to DCC
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As a union, Voice has worked with the City Council throughout this dispute, endeavouring to keep our affected members informed of significant developments and supporting individuals throughout their appeals. Voice has also challenged the Council on several occasions whilst, at the same time, helping them to maintain the education of children by not taking industrial action. Our objectives have been very similar to the other unions involved in this dispute, but we have each taken different actions to achieving them. 


Ground One:
Part A:

Payments will be made to schools based support staff where they have suffered an actual loss in gross pay (as defined in the attached conditions) based on the following bands of loss. These payments are scheduled to be paid in the April salary for all eligible staff.

Band Band of annual loss Lump sum payment
1 £251-£1,000 £750
2 £1,001-£2,000 £1,250
3 £2,001-£3,000 £1,750
4 £3,001-£4,000 £2,250
5 £4,001+ £2,750


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Part B:
The council will work with Headteachers and Governing Bodies to introduce a flexible hour’s contract for all schools based support staff so they all commence a 52 week flexible contract commencing on 1 September 2017.

This part is yet to be finalised with individual schools.

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Ground Two:
The Council in partnership with 11 Special Schools and Enhanced Resource Schools will establish a restructure programme to thoroughly examine, redefine and standardise the job descriptions and roles within those 11 schools.

This part is yet to be completed. 

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7 April 2017


Letter to Derby City Council

25 March 2017


You will no doubt be aware that Unison has balloted its members over a proposed resolution from Derby City.

Whilst many of you will be aware of the terms within this proposal, Unison and Derby City Council have not released this information into the public domain and so we cannot yet confirm the terms.

We have written to the Council and made representations that we expect all staff to be fairly and equally compensated.  In the meantime, we continue to support members with their individual appeals against Job Evaluation grading and other related casework. 

Very often, you are our eyes and ears ‘on the ground’ so if you know of any developments, please do let us know.

If you require support, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Professional Officer Martin Hodge (

16 March 2017


Latest update from Derby City Council.

February/March 2017


The stand-off between Derby City Council and the unions continues, with no negotiation currently taking place.

Voice maintains its position of supporting the teaching and learning of pupils within Derby City schools yet  not undertaking the duties of those who are taking industrial action. 

We believe that the solution to this issue lies in nationally negotiated terms and conditions for teaching assistants similar to those of teachers, reflecting the hours which are actually worked in the role (TES, 3 March 2017).  We feel this would have avoided much of the conflict in Derby City and other local authorities, and we continue to lobby government on this matter.

Should there be any progress in the ongoing situation in Derby City, we will, of course, campaign to ensure that equality of pay and related terms and conditions continues to be maintained across all teaching assistants throughout the city, and we regularly monitor the situation to enable appropriate responses to be made. 

We are aware of the fact that industrial action is having a negative impact on many pupils, teachers and parents across the city, and have encouraged Derby City Council to resolve the conflict, which we will continue to do.

For the sake of all involved, we are hoping for a swift resolution which meets the needs of those most affected, allowing teaching and learning to proceed as it should.

Contact: Professional Officer Martin Hodge ( for further information.  

January 2017

Demonstration: 25 January 2017 

Unison is leading a demonstration on Wednesday 25 January to protest against the Derby City Council Job Evaluation. While Voice does not participate in strike action, we do support protests on issues that affect our members and education in our communities.

If you plan to join the protest and would like to order Voice 'Stop the cuts' placards, please contact us by 3.00pm on Monday 23 January so we can dispatch them to you: Email or call 01332 372 337.

9 December 2016


Further to the news that Unison has rejected an offer which it negotiated with Derby City Council, we would like to reassure all our members in Derby that we remain vigilant in monitoring the situation and seeking opportunities to safeguard our members’ interests. 

Unison is in legal dispute with Derby City Council, and this is currently resulting in yet another series of strikes. Despite negotiating a financial offer, Unison members voted against it.  

If there is an improved offer which is accepted by Unison, we would make representations to Derby City Council to ensure all our members were equally compensated.  

In the meantime, we continue to support members with their individual appeals against Job Evaluation grading and other related casework.  

Given that Derby City Council has failed to broker an agreement with any trade union and continues to maintain a robust stance on decisions which all unions regard as being contentious, Voice continues to maintain that prospects for achieving the best deal for our members still lie with negotiating with individual schools, as headteachers and governing bodies can often put arrangements in place to mitigate any financial loss to our members. 

Ultimately, Voice would like to see a national framework for school support staff pay, and we have stepped up our campaign for this to happen by lobbying Government and working with other education unions to present a united front on this issue. 

Update: 3 June 2016 

Members of Unison have voted in favour of industrial action, that could include strike action,"within the next couple of weeks".

Voice has already advised members that, although wholly unfair, the City Council does have a legal right to implement a new contract, which is why our action is to protest but to continue working with schools, negotiating and encouraging them to seek ways to mitigate against losses for members wherever possible.

“We believe in the force of argument rather than the argument of force!”

Advice on industrial action by other unions:

Update: April 2016 

Derby City Council: FAQs (pdf)

Update: March 2016 

Latest update for members.

Update: 6 January 2016 

Latest update for membersVoice members in Derby: contact Professional Officer Martin Hodge ( for further information.  

Update: 11 December 2015

Voice's Derby City Update for Members  Voice members in Derby: contact Professional Officer Martin Hodge ( for further information.  

Derby City Council's updated Appeals Guidance (pdf) and Appeals Policy (pdf)

Derby City Council leader Ranjit Banwait will be in the BBC Radio Derby hotseat, at the Council House, on Thursday 17 December. 6.00 pm  taking questions from public on council cuts etc

Breakfast presenter Ian Skye will host the event, which will be recorded and played on his show on Monday 21 December. Free to attend but prebook 01332 361111

Update: 16 November 2015 

Letter to members   Voice members in Derby:contact Professional Officer Martin Hodge ( for further information.  

Update: 10 November 2015 

Job evaluation

The Council has confirmed that it is no longer possible to implement job evaluation and changes to terms and conditions by 1 January 2016. Implementation is now proposed for 1 June 2016. 

All current terms and conditions remain unchanged until the implementation date, including existing protection of earnings arrangements arising from the previous job evaluation implementation.


The Appeals Policy has been substantially changed and a copy will be sent to all employees who have already registered an intent to appeal. This will also be displayed on iDerby and the Portal. 

The closing dates for appeals is now 31 January 2016 for Council jobs and 29 February 2016 for school support jobs

4 November 2015

Unions' demonstration against changes to Terms & Conditions for Derby City School Support Staff, Wednesday 4 November 2015

Please assemble outside the Council House at 5.00 pm.    See photos and video and comment on the blog.

Update: appeals 

Derby City Council has advised us that it has "halted the issue of the appeals pack pending any changes" to policy but "members should still submit their intention to appeal (they can withdraw at any stage if they don’t want to proceed under the revised policy)."

Current Derby City Appeals Policy

See grounds for appeal below.

17 October 2015


News item, BBC Radio Derby

14 October 2015

Update: Meeting at Voice HQ on 13 October 2015 

Press release: Voice calls for pay protection for Derby City members 

Voice: the union for education professionals– which represents teaching assistants, nursery nurses and other childcare and education support staff employed by Derby City Council – is calling on the authority to give pay protection to staff adversely affected by its job evaluation and equal pay review. 

Voice staff met with some of the members who are involved in the single status/job evaluation process at a meeting last night (13 October 2015) and will continue to keep all affected members updated. 

During the meeting, members were updated on the breakdown of talks between the Council and the unions Unison, Unite and GMB (the original union signatories of the 1997 national Single Status Agreement with local government employers) but reassured that Voice maintained open lines of communication with the local authority and would do everything possible to support them. 

Members raised their concerns about potential loss of income and that they might be forced to seek new employment as a result. 

They were informed that, although likely to go ahead, the changes were still proposals at this stage and that appeals, supported by Voice, could be possible in some circumstances*. 

Last month, Voice General Secretary Deborah Lawson wrote to Derby City Council to raise the union's “serious concerns” about the Council’s Single Status/Job Evaluation review and “flaws” in the process and the impact of this on Voice members in Derby.

Deborah Lawson said:

“We are very concerned about the whole process and the speed with which the Council is trying to implement it. 

“We will continue to support our members affected by this. 

“Derby City Council has shown an appalling disregard for the impact these proposed pay cuts will have on employees and their families throughout the city.  

“It must take responsibility for the significant financial problems that its loyal education staff will suffer, through no fault of their own, if these proposals go ahead.

“We urge the City Council not to forget the impact of these changes on staff’s families and their finances, too. Under the current proposals, many of its employees stand to lose wages amounting to thousands of pounds and the knock-on effect on their household budgets will be devastating.  This may force staff to seek employment elsewhere.  

 “It is a fair and reasonable request that one year of pay protection should be implemented under the circumstances.” 


*Possible grounds for appeal:

  • The JIQ (Job Information Questionnaire)and/or job description does not accurately reflect the role and as a result the role holder believes the post has been incorrectly evaluated.
  • The job is unique, or significantly different, and the post holder believes they should have been evaluated separately to other multiple post holders.
  • The job has not been evaluated at the same level as roles that the post holder believes are similar to their role within the structure.

Presentation: Understanding the Derby City Job Evaluation Single Status process (pdf)

Presentation: Job Evaluation  (pdf)

Derby City Council's FAQ (21 September 2015) (pdf)

Derby City New Pay Scales 2016 (pdf)

Derby City Schools Hay Scores (pdf)

Derby City Equal Pay Review: Working Out Your Pay (pdf)

Derby City Appeals Policy (pdf)

LGPS: Reductions in Pensionable Pay (Derbyshire County Council) (pdf)

LGPS: Reductions in Pensionable Pay Factsheet (Derbyshire County Council) (pdf)

Questions and Answers from meeting (pdf)



2 October 2015


Latest FAQ and details of Meeting on Tuesday 13 October 2015  Voice members in Derby:contact Professional Officer Martin Hodge ( for further information.  

22 September 2015

Update: Derby Telegraph 

"Derby school support staff 'left demoralised' by pay review": Derby Telegraph, 22 September 2015

Derby Telegraph comment

18 September 2015

Update: Letter to Derby City Council

Deborah Lawson, the General Secretary of Voice: the union for education professionals, has written to Derby City Council to raise the union's “serious concerns” about the latest stage of the council’s Single Status/Job Evaluation review and the impact of this on Voice's education staff members in Derby, including teaching assistants, nursery nurses and other childcare professionals employed by Derby City Council.

Voice has also written to members employed by Derby City Council to update them.

September 2015


During the weeks of 8 and 14 September 2015, Derby City Council employees and support staff in school will receive letters advising them of job evaluation outcomes and changes to terms and conditions. 

For advice, contact Deborah Simpson, Director of Legal and Member Services ( or 01332 372337).

Derby City Council:

Equal Pay Review FAQs 21 September 2015 (pdf)

Equal Pay Review FAQs 15 September 2015 (pdf)

Further information

July 2015

Derby City Council: Job Evaluation: updates

Job Evaluation Frequently Asked Questions: 13 July 2015  (pdf)

Job Evaluation Frequently Asked Questions: 03 June 2015  (pdf)

Further information (Derby City Council)

5 March 2015

Derby City Council: Job Evaluation: update 

Job Evaluation Update: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (pdf)

28 August 2014

Derby City Council: Job Evaluation and the Appeal Process

Voice recently wrote to Derby City Council seeking a suspension of the appeals process, following concerns about information made available to  members.

The local authority has now contacted affected staff to advise them that if they are considering an appeal against their job evaluation outcome, they need to take no further action in respect of their appeal whilst the LA resolves the contractual issue: 

“Any time limits within which you would normally be expected to act are suspended and you will be told of a date by which appeals against job evaluations must be lodged in due course.... please be reassured that this does not affect your entitlement to appeal in any event ... kept updated as and when further information becomes available."

Further information:

Derby City Council:

Equal Pay Review for support staff in community schools (May 2014) (pdf)

Equal Pay Review FAQ (Derby City Council) (March 2013 ) (pdf) 


If you are a Voice member and have any queries about Single Status and how it affects you, or need advice on your job evaluation etc, please read our Information sheet:  Brief Introduction to Single Status and Equal Pay (2015)

Have your say on Single Status (Blog)

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