Education and childcare priorities 2020

Voice's Election Statement, setting out what it believes should be the education and childcare priorities for the new government.

General Election Statement 2019

The Election Statement sets out what Voice: The Union for Education Professionals believes should be the education and childcare priorities for the new government after the General Election.


  • Provide sufficient funding for all schools that is distributed fairly to reflect the differences in school structure, size, catchment and phase of education.
  • Fully fund the expansion of early years and childcare to ensure that all types of providers are sustainable.
  • Ensure further and higher institutions and sixth forms are funded to sustainable levels.


  • Commit to a school accountability system that has a clear purpose and promotes teacher agency.
  • Review the purpose, value and necessity of reception baseline assessment, taking account of the impact on young children.


  • Recognise and address all drivers of workload, across all phases of education – from nursery to tertiary.
  • Commit to a strategy to enable all education professionals to achieve wellbeing through work-life balance.

Recruitment and Retention

  • Develop and implement an effective strategy to recruit and retain qualified teachers.
  • Implement an early years and childcare workforce strategy that is supported by a clear pathway and national pay structure.
  • Recognise and value teaching assistants and commit to professional standards for teaching assistants in school and colleges, supported by a national pay and conditions structure.

5 December 2019




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