Music Matters Coalition Survey launched in Suffolk

Six trade unions in Suffolk (including Voice Community) have formed the Music Matters Coalition. Take part in their survey.

Six trade unions in Suffolk (MU (Musicians’ Union), NASUWT, NEU, UNISON, UNITE, Voice Community) have formed the Music Matters Coalition because they believe access to music is a priority for every child and young person. 

The six union coalition have put together a survey to ascertain from school staff, music educators, parents/carers, pupils and community partners, which aspects of music education are important to them, especially given the spread of COVID and the restrictions. The survey findings will then be used to help shape how the services should be offered in the future. 

Music Matters Coalition and NEU Spokesperson Graham White, said:

“We are deeply concerned about the impact the pandemic is having on children and young people’s opportunities to access music education. There is a real risk that pupils growing up could miss out on music unless there is a renewed focus on this from policy makers at all levels.

“We want children, young people, their parents and carers and everyone working in music education in Suffolk to take part in the survey to share their experiences of why music is so important. We will use the survey result to raise the importance of music with government bodies, the local council, school and community partners to influence much needed improvements for children and young people.”

 The survey was launched today (13 April 2021), so if you think music matters ensure YOUR voice is heard and take part in the survey.  

Futher information 

Music Matters Coalition 

Education and other trades unions in Suffolk believe that:

  • Education matters
  • Music matters
  • Every child matters
  • Education is a right not a privilege. 

Music education should be accessible for all pupils. Every pupil should, in a school, receive high quality music teaching, including instrumental tuition irrespective of ability, gender, ethnicity or income. Education should be broad and balanced and that means that academic as well as performing subjects should be provided to all pupils starting from the early years.

All pupils have talents and skills and these need to be developed. If a pupil has a particular talent or interest then this can be further developed outside school as well.

In addition to excellent opportunities in settings and schools, the private, voluntary and community sectors play a vital role in the overall provision of music education across Suffolk.

The survey.   

Current Music Matters Coalition members:  MU (Musicians’ Union), NASUWT, NEU (National Education Union), UNISON, Unite, Voice Community

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