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Guidance for schools, colleges, nurseries and other education and early years settings on the coronavirus, COVID-19, and information for members.

Updated 29 September 2020: 

Welsh Government: Changes to school session times: coronavirus  Guidance

England: DfE updates including Return of students to universities statement Statement to Parliament

Update: 28 September 2020:

Voice FAQs updated: Health and SafetyHolidaysLay-offs and Short-Term WorkingNurseries and Childcare, Returning to the workplace and Schools FAQs.

Scottish Government:  Student accommodation guidance on visits home 

England: DfE updates

Updates 25 September 2020:

England: A COVID-19 update for parents of school and college pupils A copy of the Public Health England / NHS Test & Trace letter sent to parents via schools and colleges (pdf)

Northern Ireland: Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guidance for School and Educational Settings in Northern Ireland


Updates: 23 September 2020:

Northern Ireland:  Education Minister launches £11.2m Engage programme aimed at addressing the impact of Covid-19 on children’s learning

England: DfE updates (including new immigration system)


Updates: 22 September 2020:


COVID-19 What has changed – 22 September 2020 (Cabinet Office)

Joint statement from AoC, AELP, HOLEX, FAB, JCQ and Ofqual on VTQs 

DfE updates


Local coronavirus restrictions imposed to control outbreaks in South Wales

£420,000 will ensure access to free school meals for learners shielding or self-isolating  (Voice Cymru welcomes free school meals funding for learners shielding or self-isolating)

Update 21 September 2020:

Latest Voice FAQs: Health and Safety and Nurseries and Childcare (including nannies)


Updated school reopening guidance
All changes from v2.0 are marked in red text in the document.

COVID-19 Advisory Sub-Group on Education and Children’s advice notes and minutes of discussions

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