Scottish teachers' pay claim 2018/19: update

SNCT Teachers’ Side Pay Claim 2018/2019

4 October 2018

Pay claim negotiations update: talks stall

Negotiations around the teachers’ pay claim have "shuddered to a halt after the Scottish Government and COSLA today refused to consider improvements to their previous offer".

See the Teachers' Side statement for further details.

Voice Scotland will keep members informed.

18 September 2018

Pay claim negotiations update

At the SNCT meeting on 18 September,  the Teachers' Side rejected a 3% pay increase.

Negotiations are set to continue, with another meeting scheduled for 4 October.

BBC News report of the meeting.

12 September 2018

Pay claim negotiations update

Negotiations are ongoing.  The teachers’ side of the SNCT will consider and respond to the latest offer at the negotiating meeting scheduled for 18 September 2018.

Voice Scotland will update members after the discussions on 18 September.


16 May 2018

Pay claim negotiations update

The latest meeting (16 May 2018) of the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT) to discuss the Teachers’ Side Pay Claim for 2018/2019 was more positive than previous discussions.

Negotiations are ongoing and we will keep Voice Scotland  members updated.

Next meeting: Thursday 31 May 2018 at 2:00pm


27 March 2018

Media release: issued on behalf of the Teachers’ Side negotiators of the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT)

Teachers reject COSLA pay offer but remain committed to negotiated agreement

The Teachers’ Side negotiators of the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT) have today (Tuesday 27 March 2018) rejected a pay offer of 2% / 3% from local authorities to Scotland’s teachers. The offer was presented by the Employers’ Side of the SNCT at a meeting of the SNCT Extended Joint Chairs group. The Teachers’ Side had submitted a pay claim of 10% for teachers at all grades.

Commenting, a spokesperson for the Teachers’ Side of the SNCT said:

“The Teachers’ Side negotiators have rejected this offer of 2% / 3% for Scotland’s teachers, as it falls far short of the 10% pay claim that was submitted via the SNCT this year. The Teachers’ Side also rejected any notion of a differentiated deal that would award lower pay increases to teachers at some grades compared to colleagues at other grades. The offer that has been proposed by employers fails to deliver on the need to value education and value teachers by delivering appropriate salaries for Scotland’s teaching professionals.

“There is a growing crisis in teacher recruitment and retention across Scotland, and declining rates of pay is one of the key factors contributing to this problem. Scotland wants and expects the best teaching professionals but, increasingly, is unwilling to pay appropriate professional salaries to the teachers working in our schools. Pay for Scotland’s teachers is continuing to decline in comparison to other graduate professions and to teacher salaries in other European countries. This simply must be rectified.

“The Teachers’ Side remains committed to negotiations via the SNCT in the hope of agreeing a fair deal for Scotland’s teachers. Further talks are planned, via the SNCT, following the Spring holiday period. There is a clear expectation, on the part of the Teachers’ Side, that the Scottish Government, a party to the negotiations, will be required to take a view on the ongoing discussions and to play an active role in reaching a settlement.”

9 February 2018:

SNCT meeting of 8 February 2018

At the meeting of the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT) on Thursday 8 February 2018, the teachers’ side lodged a pay claim to Scottish Government and COSLA for a 10% uplift in the salaries of all teachers and associated professionals covered by the SNCT Handbook.

Further information

SNCT Teachers’ Side Pay Claim 2018/2019 (pdf)



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