SNCT – Teachers' Pay Claim 2021

Pay claim and updates from the Teachers' Side of Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT), which includes Voice Community Scotland. 

SNCT – Teachers' Pay Claim 2021    (pdf)

The 2021 SNCT pay claim reflects the on-going commitment and professionalism of teachers and associated professionals, which has been brought into sharp focus during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the ongoing need to continue the restoration of the pay of teachers and associated professionals.

Therefore, a range of 3%-5% is the financial scope of the claim, depending on other measures and benefits also being considered as part of the pay and reward package, in particular those measures aimed at tackling excessive workload.

The Teachers’ Panel believes that the need to provide adequate support and reward for teachers as frontline and key workers should be recognised within the 2021 pay award.

The Panel wishes to expedite negotiations, through Extended Joint Chairs, with the aim of reaching a settlement for implementation in April 2021.

19 December 2020


The Leaders Side will  meet after 8 March 2021 to consider their offer.

Update, 1 April 2021:

There was a further meeting of the SNCT extended joint Chairs yesterday to discuss the unions’ pay claim of 3-5% and the employer offer of a 2% uplift for those earning up £40,000; and a 1% rise for those earning over £40,000 with a cap of £800.

COSLA claimed that their offer was sufficient and equated to an overall pay rise of 1.2%.  They could not confirm the offer as they still need to have a discussion with Kate Forbes, the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, on local government finance. That meeting had had not gone ahead and, of course, the unions indicated that the new 4% NHS pay offer was also an additional consideration.

The unions outlined their concerns in terms of not having an improved offer and the inadequate and divisive nature of the current offer. They indicated that they would be advising members of their disappointment with the current offer. 

Commenting on the outcome of that meeting,Senior Professional Officer (Scotland) Dougie Atkinson said:

“It was disappointing that there was no movement of the current position on teachers’ pay from COSLA, the employer, at a meeting yesterday. We cannot accept a differentiated offer like the one made earlier this month.

“It is disgraceful that the outstanding efforts of teachers in continuing to deliver high quality education during the pandemic have not been recognised when other public sector staff are being offered pay rises four times higher than the proposed award for teaching staff.

“We will continue to press Scottish Government and the employer to properly recognise the worth of teachers’ ongoing contribution.”



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