Statement on COVID-19 firebreak in Wales

Comment on the Welsh Government's decision to implement a two-week 'firebreak' in Wales. This news item may no longer reflect current advice or information. Click here for the latest advice and information.

Voice Community cautiously welcomes the decision to implement a two-week fire-break in Wales, where it was clear that new measures were needed.

We have always maintained that decisions on the opening of schools should be guided by scientific evidence and data, and we ask that this be the case going forward.

Any decision made on the opening of schools must be in the best interests of pupils and staff, and must keep everyone safe in education settings around Wales – this includes the decision to reopen to some students on 2 November.

We look forward to the Welsh Government presenting a sustainable plan for the education of children in Wales that controls the spread of the virus in education settings.

Voice Community has expressed concern in the past over the expectation on staff to live stream lessons. Safeguarding measures must be put in place to protect both teachers and pupils.

Further information

Welsh Government, 19 October 2020: 

Letter to Headteachers/FE Principals from Kirsty Williams MS, Minister for Education (pdf)

Kirsty Williams AS, Y Gweinidog Addysg, I: Benaethiaid ysgolion a cholegau addysg bellach (pdf)

National coronavirus fire-break to be introduced in Wales on Friday:

  • Primary and special schools will re-open as normal after half-term.
  • Secondary schools will re-open after the half-term for children in years seven and eight and most vulnerable children. Pupils will be able to come in to take exams but other pupils will continue their learning from home for an extra week.
  • Universities will provide a blend of in-person and online learning.
  • Children can continue to access their usual childcare provider, and you can travel to provide, access or receive childcare.
  • All childcare providers, including Flying Start childcare, can remain open and offer their normal services, including provision through the half-term holidays.  This includes childcare providers operating from community centers, places of worship and school sites. Nannies can also continue to provide childcare.

Cyfnod atal byr cenedlaethol y coronafeirws i gael ei gyhoeddi yng Nghymru ddydd Gwener

Coronavirus fire-break FAQs: Education and Childcare 

Cyfnod atal y coronafeirws: cwestiynau cyffredin: Addysg a gofal plant

Technical Advisory Group: fire-breaks

Grŵp Cyngor Technegol: cyfnod atal byr

Education Minister's briefing on firebreak (BBC News),

Further education and apprenticeships: coronavirus firebreak guidance, 22 October 2020

Schools: coronavirus firebreak guidance,

Voice Community:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information page




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