Voice comments on Exam ‘Triple Lock’

Voice is pleased that the Government is looking into English exam results to ensure there is no detriment.

Five months after consulting on proposals to ensure that no student would be disadvantaged, on the eve of results for students, and following a national outcry at results in Scotland, a panicked government has issued a ‘safety net’ to reassure students. This knee-jerk reaction may not provide the intended reassurance and calls into question why the issue has not been addressed until now.

For many the mock result will not be reliable as the exam could have been taken before all the content had been taught and it does not take into account any of the coursework or practical tasks at which students may have excelled.  There is no standardisation across the country for mock results, and nor should there be, but it means these grades are unlikely to be more or less reliable than the already submitted Centre Assessed Grades.

Voice General Secretary, Deborah Lawson said:

"Once again it seems, students, schools and colleges are victim to a flawed statistical model which artificially seeks to keep grades in line with previous years without recognising the hard work of individuals and this unfairness will further compound the detriment suffered by the most disadvantaged in society."#

This announcement poses additional questions and creates the potential for massive workload for students, schools and universities who will have already made decisions based on the calculated grades. We appeal to the DfE to ensure that students receive grades tomorrow that accurately reflect their work – nothing less will be acceptable.


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