Voice Scotland responds to media speculation about June preparation date

"No truth" in media speculation that Scottish schools will not return until August but teachers are to return from 1 June to prepare.

Commenting on media speculation in Scotland suggesting Scottish schools will not return until August, with a blended learning system, but teachers are to return from 1 June to prepare, Voice's Senior Professional Officer (Scotland) Dougie Atkinson said:

"There is no truth in that speculation.

"Education recovery is still being discussed by the Education Recovery Group, chaired by John Swinney, and the ten workstreams that are looking at the details of how our education system can be restarted.

"No decisions have been taken yet."

Further information

Dougie Atkinson represents Voice Scotland on three of the Education Recovery Group’s workstreams:

  • Workforce support
  • Workforce planning
  • Early learning and childcare

The Education Recovery Group workstreams are:

  1. Term 4 learning
  2. Infrastructure and Organisation
  3. Curriculum & assessment
  4. Supporting learners from disadvantaged backgrounds
  5. Pastoral care for cyp
  6. Workforce support
  7. Workforce planning
  8. School improvement in a new context
  9. Critical childcare
  10. Early learning and childcare

Joint letter to John Swinney and his response (15 May 2020)

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