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Guidance for schools, colleges, nurseries and other education and early years settings on the coronavirus, COVID-19, and information for members.

Updated 27 November 2020: England (DfE):

New funding to support schools and colleges during Covid pandemic Press release

Coronavirus (COVID-19) contingency framework for education and childcare settings Guidance

Protective measures for holiday or after-school clubs and other out-of-school settings for children during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak Updated Guidance

Updated 26 November 2020:

England:  Latest updated DfE guidance

Welsh Government: Keeping learners safe Updated Guidance

Updated 25 November 2020:

Scottish Government: 

Testing expansion update
From the return of the school term in January, a number of school pilots will also get underway with the aim of establishing a sustainable programme of asymptomatic testing amongst school staff.

Guidance for students returning homePlans for mass testing of asymptomatic students.

England (DfE):

Higher education: reopening buildings and campuses Updated Guidance

Get help with remote education Updated Detailed guide (See also Voice's blog on remote education.)

Wales:  Changes to school session times: coronavirus Updated Welsh Government Guidance

Qualifications Wales confirms January GCSE unit exams will be cancelled

Updated 24 November 2020: Voice Community COVID-19 FAQs: Health and Safety (face coverings)

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