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Guidance for schools, colleges, nurseries and other education and early years settings on the coronavirus, COVID-19, and information for members.

Updates 22 October 2020:

Scottish Government: Help for residential outdoor education centres

Welsh Government:

Education Minister's briefing on firebreak (BBC News)

£10 million to support university students through pandemic 

Examinations and assessments: coronavirus: Information on examinations and assessments, including A levels, during the coronavirus pandemic.

Updates 20 October 2020: Northern Ireland: 

November GCSE exams in NI postponed for two weeks (BBC News) November 2020 Examinations Series Delayed by 2 weeks (CCEA)

England: DfE updates

Updates 19 October 2020: Wales: Voice Community Statement on COVID-19 fire-break in Wales

Welsh Government:  National coronavirus fire-break to be introduced in Wales on Friday:   Education and Childcare FAQs 

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