What's new

Welcome to the new Voice website. We've made a lot of improvements that we hope will make the site work better for everyone.

Some of the changes we've made will be obvious, others you can't see, but should make the site more accessible for all. Below we have outlined some of the key improvements we've made so far.

Website account

With your privacy in mind, we have not transferred your old website account details into the new website. We are instead requesting that members create a new account to ensure that their details remain secure and protected.

Please click here to create your new account so you can access a wealth of member only resources.

Members only

As well as the members area that contains information about your account, we have made much of the websites resources members only. Members can create a website account, login and access everything on the site, but non-members will only be able to review a summary of resource content.

If you had an account on the old website or not, all members should click here to activate their new website account.

Search engines

Our old site was not search engine friendly, which meant we were not being shown to potential new members. Many of the improvement we’ve made that cant be seen by the naked eye are to ensure that Google and the other search engines will match us more often and more effectively to new users, who we hope to convert to new members.


The new site is fully responsive to mobile and tablet devices. No more zooming in and out to read the content on the page. We know this was a major frustration for many with the old site.

Search function

We want users to be able to locate the information they want as quickly and easily as possible, so we've improved the functionality of our in site search.

Related content

You cant find what you don't know exists, so we’ve added a feature at the bottom of many pages that will present users with information no the same topic that they might find useful. Much in the same way Amazon presents you with similar items to the one you’re looking at, only we’re not charging for the service.


No renovation is complete without a lick of paint, so we have taken this opportunity to update the overall look and feel of the website too. We’re adding more images and videos to the site to help make it more appealing to the eye and we’ve introduced some new graphical elements to help us incorporate members' testimonials and to help cross link users to information that they might find useful.

Coming soon…

We’re not done yet. Like Rome, a really good website is not built in a day, so expect to see more new features and resources heading your way soon.

We’ll keep members apprised as developments are released through our monthly emails and quarterly members magazine, but click here to an outline of what you can expect to see over the coming months.