COVID-19 Safety Snapshot - December 2020

Survey of Voice Community members about safety in their education / early years workplace

We surveyed our members over the weekend of 12 December 2020, asking them whether they felt safe at work and what measures could be put in place to help them feel safer.

Key survey findings

  • Regular testing of staff (70%) was the most frequently cited method of improving feelings of safety in the education workplace, with testing of pupils at 49%.
  • In special education settings, 57% recommended testing for both staff and pupils.
  • Across all types of setting, 59% of respondents felt that vaccination for staff would make them feel safer.
  • In the early years, two out of every three respondents felt that all staff being vaccinated would help to make them feel safer. This was almost identical to the number who would like to see staff regularly tested.
  • In schools, 60% of respondents were clear that vaccination would have a significant impact on feelings of safety.
  • In schools, 71% felt that regular testing of staff would make them feel safer.
  • Testing of pupils (51%) and wearing of face coverings in classrooms for staff (35%) and pupils (21%) were all notably less popular methods of possibly improving safety.
  • In further and higher education, 60% were in favour of regular testing, but only 13% were in favour of early vaccination.


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Further information

Education and early years staff must be tested and vaccinated now, says Voice Community after survey (11 January 2021)