Election Manifesto 2010

Voice's Manifesto of key points it would like to see addressed in the General Election.


Voice: the union for education professionals: Election Manifesto 2010

As we approach the UK General Election, Voice has set out its challenge to the political parties on the future of education and childcare with its own Election Manifesto for issues that are the responsibility of the Westminster Parliament. 

The Manifesto comprises key points that Voice would like to see addressed: 

  1. Fair treatment of staff subject to abuse allegations, including a statutory right to anonymity and an assurance that the outcome of internal or police investigations is fairly and accurately recorded. 
  2. A commitment from all parties to introduce a national system of pay and conditions for school support staff (in England & Wales).
  3. The introduction of compulsory registration of nannies in the UK.
  4. The introduction of national and statutory systems (in England and in Wales) of pay and conditions for all staff in further education, and for the pay and conditions of FE staff to be enhanced to reflect their increasing and changing role in the education system and their current lack of parity with school staff. 
  5. The inclusion of Academies in the national pay and conditions system for teachers in England.  
  6. The provision of equal opportunities for supply teachers in terms of salary, pensions and CPD.
  7. The proposed Licence to Practise (Licence toTeach) (England) to be scrapped. 
  8.  KS2 tests (England) to be scrapped.
  9.  An increase in funding to support learners for whom English is not their first language or who do not speak English. 
  10.  The creation of a dedicated and integrated national government department for education in England, spanning nursery to tertiary (including FE and HE).
  11. The creation of an action plan for asbestos in schools, including: an audit of the extent, type and condition of asbestos in educational institutions and the standard of management; an assessment of the risk to those who work and learn in educational institutions; the provision of relevant training and guidance and the raising of awareness of the dangers of asbestos in these institutions so they can manage asbestos risks appropriately; and for all the asbestos to be identified and removed in a phased programme when schools are refurbished under BSF and PCP.

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