Submissions to the Independent Welsh Pay Review Body 2021 and IWPRB report

Voice Community Cymru's submissions to the Independent Welsh Pay Review Body (IWPRB) for teachers, 2021 (11 January and 10 February 2021) and Report and recommendations from the Independent Welsh Pay Review Body (IWPRB) (11 June 2021) 

Background:  The Independent Welsh Pay Review Body (IWPRB) is responsible for making recommendations to the Welsh Government on the pay and conditions of school teachers in Wales.


Ongoing pay restrain is continuing to fail in incentivising high calibre excellent and experienced teachers to remain in the profession.  Pay is a key and often a determining factor in retention of experienced teachers, when weighed against other more attractive opportunities and the huge workload teachers experience.

Schools and teachers are particularly facing the impact of the COVID crisis, as well as implementing a new approach to assessment, and a new transformational curriculum for Wales.

In this demanding climate we need to be taking advantage of all levers and tools possible to secure a stable, supportive, and collegiate profession, enabled to deliver the quality teaching needed to recover from the crisis, and provide the supportive learning environment our school children and young people need. 

With these demands in mind, Voice urgently calls for a pay increase of 2.7% across the board, plus immediate steps to address the main driver of attrition named by teachers leaving the profession – an increasing and unsustainable workload – by increasing the PPA from 10% to 20%.

Given the challenges facing education in post-COVID recovery, what we need is a decision making which sustains the teaching profession, not a yoyo response to budget pressures creating fractures within the school environments.

Read Voice Community Cymru's response (pdf) (11 January 2021)

Read Voice Community Cymru's Supplementary Written Evidence (pdf) (10 February 2021)

Voice Community Cymru responds to IWPRB report 2021 (11 June 2021)

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Urtha Felda, Senior Professional Officer Cymru/Uwch Swyddog Proffesional Cymru

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