Voice Community Official Response: Fair school funding for all: completing our reforms to the National Funding Formula

Voice Community's response to consultation by DfE 

Background: Department for Education (DfE) is seeking views on the approach to completing its reforms to the National Funding Formula (NFF) and how it most effectively transitions away from local formulae  to all schools’ funding allocations being determined directly by the NFF in the years ahead. This is the first stage of its consultation: it plans to publish a second stage consultation with more detailed proposals, following feedback to this first consultation.

Summary: Voice Community welcomes the announcement and the intention to introduce a National Funding Formula in the interests of fairness. We support the concept of a national funding formula, but is now the correct time to instigate a redistribution of funding as we emerge from the past 18 months? When schools and academies are still grappling with the additional costs caused by COVID, managing high levels of pupils and staff absence all while supporting educational recovery. The Government needs to invest more – including in teachers’ pay – across the country to support education recovery and to tackle the crisis in teacher recruitment and retention.

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