Voice Official Response 1019: Revision of the Standard for Chartered Teacher (Scotland)

Voice Scotland Official Response to General Teaching Council for Scotland consultation.

Consultation of the Revision of the Standard for Chartered Teacher: requested by the  General Teaching Council for Scotland

GTCS Standard for Chartered Teacher  (pdf)

GTCS Standards update

Voice Official Response 1019:     

This response is made on behalf of, and in consultation with, the Scottish Executive Committee (SEC) of Voice – the union for educational professionals

SEC determines Association Policy with regard to pay, conditions, and all other educational matters in Scotland


Voice welcomes the opportunity to respond to the above. 

Overall we welcome the principles on which the Revised Standard is based. 

The final sentence in the Introduction – the Context viz: 

 "Chartered Teachers are expected to be at the forefront of critically engaging with, developing and playing a leading role in the implementation of practice in current and future educational initiatives" is open to different interpretations and could lead to Chartered Teachers being expected to take a lead role in any major developments when clearly this is not what their role should be. It is important that this is reworded to reflect that they would be expected to "support and assist with" as opposed to lead these developments. 

The three core components seem fine and build/refine on what is already there. 

Section 4 – Professional Actions

4.4    Collaboration with, and influence on, colleagues

"The CT contributes to the professional development of colleagues and makes a recognised contribution to the educational effectiveness of the school and the wider professional community". 

This and the detail in paragraph 4.4.1 could lead to school managers insisting that CTs lead aspects of school or curriculum development as part of their duties. It must be remembered that those who choose to go down the path of CT do not wish to relinquish classroom teaching. Also they pay for the courses/modules and only when these are successfully completed do they receive the higher remuneration. 

Maureen Laing, Senior Professional Officer for Scotland

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