Voice Official Response 2107 to Addendum Consultation on the 2015 Pension Reform Regulations - Employee contribution rates from 1 April 2015

Voice Scotland's response to SPPA


Our organisation continues to believe that the increases to employee contributions as part of pension reforms has been inappropriate and unjustified.

We also continue to support the use of Scottish pay scales in relation to employee contribution increases where desirable to do so.

Of the two options presented within the addendum consultation paper, our organisation’s preference is for option B, with a move to actual salary being desirable.

As a general point, we would also wish to note that it is not immediately clear from the table on page two of the consultation documentation whether the “number of members” column reflects members within each tier on the basis of their full time salary rate or their actual salary rate. We understand that this reflects actual salary.

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Jennifer Barnes
Senior Professional Officer (Scotland)
Email: jenniferbarnes@voicetheunion.org.uk