Voice Official Response: 2160 Consultation on the Pregnancy and Parenthood in Young People Strategy

Voice Scotland's response to Scottish Government


Voice Official Response 2160:

Consultation on the Pregnancy and Parenthood in Young People Strategy 


Section 1:The long-term aim of this strand of the Strategy and the associated actions is a ‘Reduction of teenage pregnancies and subsequent unintended pregnancies’.

The proposed actions are focussed on: providing young people with the knowledge and services they need so they can make informed choices; and preparing young people for potential parenthood.

What ways of working, within and between agencies, will help ensure that there is a co-ordinated approach to take forward the actions in section one in your area?

From a trade union perspective, consideration requires to be given to resourcing constraints which will inevitably impact upon the ability to develop and implement actions as fully and quickly as is desirable. Adequate high quality training for staff in implementing the Guidance referred to will be essential. 

Are there local systems in place to take forward these actions? 

Please see comments to 1 above. 

Do you think the actions meet the outcomes in the logic model? 

This will depend upon the level of support provided to ensure the actions can indeed be adequately implemented in practice. Please see comments to 1 above. 

Is there anything missing in this section?

It would be helpful for there to be reference to matters of practical implementation, such as resourcing. 

Section 2: This section is about pregnancy in young people. It aims to give young people the knowledge to identify pregnancy early and be supported to make an informed decision on how they proceed with their pregnancy.

In relation to this section, please see comments above in relation to aspects relating to schools. 

Section 3:This section is about parenthood in young people. It looks at what extra support young parents may need for both health and social care to ensure they all have the best start in life..

Please see comments in section 1, which will apply in relation to resource available to support flexible childcare and to support young parents in their own education.

Evidence and Research 

The draft Strategy is accompanied by a review of published high level evidence. Are you aware of any high level evidence which has not been included in this review which the Scottish Government should consider before finalising the Strategy?


What are the barriers and opportunities for local data collection to ensure the Strategy is intelligence-led? 

A potential barrier relates to the comparability of data drawn from differing sources. 

General questions

The Strategy proposes that leadership in planning and delivery at the local level should be the responsibility of Community Planning Partnerships (CPP).

Do you agree with this CPP-led approach? Please give a few points to explain your answer. 

Yes; the approach taken should compliment approaches undertaken in line with duties arising under the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act. How data regarding individuals is handled will require careful consideration to ensure confidentiality as appropriate. 

Is there anything else you would like us to consider in the final version of the strategy?

We have nothing further to add at this stage. 

Do you have examples of good practice from your area that could be shared with others?


Equality Considerations

What issues or opportunities do the proposed changes raise for people with protected characteristics (age; disability; gender reassignment; race; religion or belief; sex; pregnancy and maternity; and sexual orientation)?

We have no comments on this aspect at this time.

If the proposed measures are likely to have a substantial negative implication for equality, how might this be minimised or avoided?

We have no comments on this aspect at this time.

Do you have any other comments on or suggestions relevant to the proposal proposals in regard to equality considerations?

We have no comments on this aspect at this time. 

Further information

The consultation


Jennifer Barnes
Senior Professional Officer (Scotland)
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