Voice Official Response 2211: Fair Funding to Achieve Excellence and Equity in Education

Voice Scotland's response to Scottish Government's consultation.


Voice Official Response 2211:

This consultation seeks views on the Scottish Government’s future approach to school funding.

Summary of Voice Scotland's response:

The distribution of resources and the way they are spent on our schools is not the key issue. It is that there are insufficient resources to allow for that equity of support. An example would be the increasing scarcity of support staff in some schools to help teachers and children with additional support needs. That is not being caused by the distribution of the resources but by the lack of them.

The issue at the heart of school improvement is the adequacy of the education provision - not the way it is distributed. And for too long that has been eroded to the point where the experience of too many of our children is being compromised.

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Dougie Atkinson
Senior Professional Officer (Scotland)
Email: scotland@voicetheunion.org.uk