Voice Official Response 989: Fast Track Teaching Consultation

Official Response to National College for School Leadership (NCSL) consultation


NCSL: Fast Track Teaching

Fast Track Stakeholder Telephone Interviews (February 2008) 

" As part of the long term evaluation of Fast Track on behalf of NCSL we are conducting an annual analysis of the views of key stakeholders to the programme.  This round of interviews in 2008 are the final interviews to be carried out during this evaluation. The purpose is to examine any changes in perceptions that have emerged as the Fast Track programme has matured, and to explore how those perceptions are formed." 

Question 1:  What from your perspective is Fast Track setting out to achieve?

  • Securing school leaders for the future
  • Promotion of role of senior leaders underpinned by a quality professional training and development programme
  • Development of succession planning strategies at a local and national level
  • Voice is represented on ?succession planning? advisory group
  • Focuses careers for FT entrants ? aspire to senior posts
  • Positive school improvement opportunities
  • Leadership networks

Question 2:  What impact, if any, do you see Fast Track have on leadership within schools?

  • Aspirational to other staff with the potential to develop leadership skills
  • Encourage others to consider taking on NPQH training
  • Schools improvement positive outcomes
  • Aspiration to seek senior posts
  • Innovative leadership teams and staffing structures
  • Leadership networks - locally

Question 3:  What impact, if any, do you feel Fast Track has on retention of teachers?

  • Fast Track teachers more could motivated to stay in profession
  • The challenge for teachers continues to be the full-time classroom teaching role ? good leadership support is required together with examples of excellent teaching
  • FT is perceived to have a higher quality of cpd available
  • Adds variety in terms of age and personality ? i.e. in S.L.Teams

Question 4: What impact, if any, do you feel Fast Track has on PD within the profession?

  • Opportunities opened up for leadership development
  • The more flexible staffing structure models are open to accommodate a fast track teacher leadership programme within a school
  • Encourages ?young? teachers to be part of leadership teams
  • Staff have confident, competent, and enthusiastic colleagues to work with and be led by
  • See change / S.I. agendas being driven forward
  • Innovative thinking / strategic planning
  • Transference of skills and knowledge
  • Opportunities to develop leadership at all levels throughout a school

Question 5: How do you feel teachers not on the programme but working in Fast Track schools view the programme?

  • Recognition and awareness of other routes for cpd
  • Mustn?t feel denied any opportunity to develop professionally, if not themselves on the FT programme
  • They may see FT teachers having access to superior quality cpd
  • Beneficial and essential to see that FT teachers must demonstrate consistently outstanding teaching / classroom practitioner ? opens door to inspirational leadership

Question 6:  How do you feel teacher in non Fast Track schools view the programme?

  • May not be aware of the FT programme
  • Mustn?t be made to feel ?second best? their role because consistently  ?good? teachers are essential to school improvement agenda
  • Role / influence of Headteachers? -  do they promote / target / identify FT candidates? / are they at risk of losing excellent teachers in the long run?

Question 7: Since last asked in 2007 (if applicable) are there any of these areas around Fast Track where you have seen changes in the past year?

  • Becoming more accepted as a strategy for promoting and developing leadership in schools

Question 8: Overall, how strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statement:

"Our organisation perceives Fast Track as an effective career development programme to create future leaders for schools."

  • 5. Agree with this statement
  • 6. Strongly agree with this statement