Voice Official Response: Draft Curriculum for Wales (updated)

Voice Cymru's response to the Welsh Government's consultation (July 2019) and + Curriculum published January 2020

19 July 2019 (updated 28 January 2020)

Voice Official Response: Draft Curriculum for Wales

Background: Consultation on the Draft Curriculum for Wales 2022

Summary: As a union, we have responded only to the general questions at section A, not to the detailed questions in Section B or to the specific questions in Section C.

  • Voice supports the new curriculum, and considers it to be a bold and exciting time for education in Wales.  
  • Sufficient funding and sufficient high-quality professional training of the education workforce are both absolutely vital in planning and delivering a successful new curriculum. 
  • It will require significant funding (not to mention the practical difficulties to be overcome) for teachers to be given the time that they need. 
  • It will require a sufficient number of teachers and support staff for the curriculum to be delivered successfully.  We are currently seeing a swathe of redundancies across Wales – both teachers and support staff – and it is hard to envisage how a new curriculum can take shape with so many fewer staff.
  • Initial funding has been allocated for professional training, and an additional INSET day will be scheduled for at least the next three years to prepare for the new curriculum in addition to one INSET day out of the original allocation of five INSET days.  However, we seriously question whether either will be sufficient given that teachers in every school will be expected to plan the detail of the curriculum for themselves.
  • This is a time for the Welsh Government to take stock, lobby Westminster and marshal the substantial resources that will be required to make the new curriculum a success, not just in the short-term but also in the medium and long-term; this will require a significant commitment at government level and an investment in the education workforce that we are certainly not seeing at the moment.

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Update: 28 January 2020 (Welsh Government):

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Elizabeth Williams
Senior Professional Officer (Wales)