Voice Official Response: New professional standards for further education teachers and work-based learning practitioners

Voice Cymru's response to Welsh Government's consultation


Voice Cymru Official Response

Summary (additional comments):  

We would like to see a measure of coherence between all of the new standards currently being proposed and implemented in education:  teachers, school LSAs, FE practitioners.  Whilst we recognise that there are marked differences when comparing these professions, there are also similarities which should be highlighted in order to show a continuum and to avoid confusion.  (For example, the values adopted for each of the standards could certainly include some overlap.) These standards will not be implemented in a vacuum, and we urge the Welsh Government to ensure that work is done with employers so that employers are fully supportive in both word and deed so that the standards improve the professional development of FE practitioners, hence leading to improved learning outcomes for their students.



Elizabeth Williams
Senior Professional Officer (Wales)
Email: elizabethwilliams@voicetheunion.org.uk