Voice Official Response: New professional standards for teaching and leadership

Voice Cymru’s response to Welsh Government’s consultation

Voice Cymru Official Response

Summary (additional comments):  We agree with the sentiment of the vision, particularly placing the learner at the centre of education and the encouraging of professional development. However, the drafting of these standards has taken place without due consideration of the current political climate. Whilst the wish to support teachers’ professional development is laudable, the raising of standards can never be truly effective in a climate where real and substantial budget cuts are being made in schools, leading to redundancies. As schools are in budget crisis, it is less likely that the time and space necessary for personal reflection will be available to teachers, because the emphasis will be on immediate outcomes (i.e. results) rather than on longer-term professional growth.


Elizabeth Williams
Senior Professional Officer (Wales)
Email: elizabethwilliams@voicetheunion.org.uk