Voice Official Response: School Security guidance

Voice's Official Response to Department for Education (DfE)'s consultation

Voice Official Response: School Security guidance

Background: The DfE is proposing to publish new school security guidance that will provide schools with access to a range of information sources and tools that will help them to develop sensible and proportionate policies and plans to meet their security needs.

Summary: The guidance is very clear on the responsibilities for schools and what a school needs to do.  It is a document of signposts, which is an excellent proposal as this means that information is as up-to-date as possible. However, unless one follows the links into the specific guidance referenced there is not a lot of information contained in the document itself.  It could therefore be argued that there is not sufficient information within this guidance. It is however, more than sufficient if one has the time to follow all of the links, to consider the pathways to every eventuality and to use as a live, linked document rather than a printed reference manual. We applaud this approach, but it will be incumbent upon the DfE to ensure that the links remain active and current throughout the life of this document.

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