Voice Official Response: Written Submission to the STRB, January 2018

Evidence to the School Teachers' Review Body (STRB) on teachers' pay and conditions (England & Wales)

Voice's Written Submission to the STRB

Background: The Secretary of State’s letter to the STRB asking for recommendations on teachers’ pay and conditions for 2018.

Summary:  Teacher recruitment has reached crisis level and without remedial action will get worse. An already difficult situation is being exacerbated by a non-competitive and non-predictable pay structure. Changes to the pay structure since 2013 which have removed the spine points and clear pay progression, placed far more discretion in the hands of heads and governing bodies and have not resulted in the reward of the best teachers but the withholding of rewards from many teachers. Voice urges that a fully funded significant investment in teachers is needed if anything more than firefighting and lurching from one crisis to the next is to be achieved. Voice therefore calls on the STRB to:

  • work to restore teachers’ pay to at least 2010 levels as soon as possible;
  • recommend an above 1% pay increase for all teachers in September 2018 (as we have restated alongside other teacher union colleagues in our joint statement to the STRB, there is a strong case for a 5% pay increase for all teachers and school leaders as a first step to restoring pay levels in real terms);
  • work to ensure that teaching becomes an attractive and competitive profession in today’s graduate job market; and
  • review the effects of the pay reforms of recent years and whether they have been successful in achieving their desired aims.

Voice has also submitted a joint statement along with ASCL, NAHT, NEU and UCAC and this written evidence should be considered alongside the joint submission.


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