Voice Official Responses 1072: Proposals to amend the requirements for registration of the education workforce in Wales

Voice Official Response to Welsh Government consultation


Voice Official Response 1072 to Welsh Government consultation:  

Proposals to amend the requirements for registration of the education workforce in Wales

Consultation Response Form

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Organisation: VOICE THE UNION 

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Learning Improvement and Professional Development Division
Department for Education and Skills
Welsh Government
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Question 1

Do you agree that registration should be extended beyond school teachers to the wider education workforce in Wales, to include school learning support staff, further education lecturers and the work-based learning workforce? 

Voice, the union for education professionals, takes into membership all those engaged in education.  We would welcome a professional body to register and regulate the whole education team.  This would enable all education professionals to be granted parity of esteem through registration under a united body. 

Question 2

Do you think that any other members of the education workforce, for example youth workers, play workers and other school staff, should be registered? 

Voice considers that all those who have direct contact with children and young people should be registered.  Educators are usually highly motivated, being drawn to the profession with a commitment and zeal that often outshines many other careers. 

Question 3

Do you agree that the functions of a registration body in Wales should include checks that individuals are appropriately qualified and fit to practice and a disciplinary function leading to potential barring of individuals who are deemed unfit? 

A registration body in Wales should check that individuals are appropriately qualified and fit to practice.  It should also have a disciplinary function to deal with those who fall below the standards required of them. 

Question 4

Do you agree that decisions about functions such as discipline and professional competence should be made independent of government? 

Functions such as discipline and professional competence should be independent of government.  All those registered should have the right to be represented by legal and professional association at all stages of an investigation or disciplinary process. 

Question 5

Do you agree that wider functions should be added on a phased basis into the work of the new or reconstituted registration body? These could include approval of initial training courses, requirements for continuing professional development and setting of professional standards.

The new body should be responsible for administering CPD and the setting of professional standards and regulate all courses leading to professional qualifications in education. 

All those with job roles within education should have the opportunity to develop their skills and receive the recognition they deserve. 

Question 6

Are there any other specific functions you think that the new or reconstituted registration body should undertake? 

Try to standardise the job titles within education eg caretakers are often called site managers.  Try to be diplomatic and sensitive and make sure that all in education feel valued and have a positive role within the institution. 

Question 7

Do you think that a single professional council, with a membership with expertise across the wider education workforce, is the best way to secure appropriate professional expertise for the new or reconstituted registration body, or would a series of sector councils each specialising in a specific area of the workforce be more appropriate? 

There should be a single professional council with membership and expertise from the wider workforce.  The professional body should ensure hard earned qualifications were recognised and structured via advice and guidance to members. 

Question 8

Do you think that there should be a flat-rate fee for registration payable by all those registered or should differentiated fee rates apply? 

Voice believes it may be necessary to have a sliding scale of fees depending on the salary of the individual.  Individuals should be encouraged to take advantage of the tax breaks available on subscription to professional bodies. 

Question 9

Do you think that greater clarity and coherence in requirements for matters such as qualifications, professional standards, performance management and professional development could support our drive to improve standards and flexibility across the wider workforce?

Greater clarity and coherence in requirements for all educational matters may support the Welsh Government’s drive to improve standards, but all changes will need time to bed down before an evaluation takes place. 

Question 10

We have asked a number of specific questions. If you have any related issues which we have not specifically addressed, please use this space to report them:


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