Written Submission to the STRB January 2019 and Supplementary Evidence February 2019

Voice's written submissions to the School Teachers' Review Body (STRB)


“When we look at the drivers of the situation, workload, accountability, school funding pressures, combined with uncompetitive salary levels, we can see why working in teaching is not currently a first choice for many people”. (Deborah Lawson, General Secretary, August 2018)

Voice calls on the STRB to:

  • recommend on the basis of evidence on the state of teacher supply rather than in response to instructions regarding affordability;
  • recommend an across the board increase of 5% for all teachers and school leaders;
  • work to ensure that teaching regains its place in today’s graduate job market; and
  • work towards establishing sustainable and appropriate pay levels in the long term.


For a number of years, Voice has made the case that ongoing pay restraint has failed to incentivise the right kind of high calibre professionals to enter the profession, stay in it for their whole career and take on senior roles in leadership and management. The evidence that we have presented has shown the ongoing reality of this and the significant steps needed if the tide is to be turned.

As we have stated in the joint union statement, we believe that what is needed at this stage is a profession-wide pay increase of 5% fully funded by the government.

We also agree with the STRB that the pay structure and how successful it has been in delivering its intended outcomes, is now ready for review.

We look forward to the next remit and to working with the Review Body on these wider issues.

Read Voice's written STRB submission (pdf)

31 January 2019

Update, 20 February 2019:

Read Voice's supplementary submission to the STRB (pdf)

Summary: In addition to the Joint Supplementary Statement that Voice is submitting in partnership with some of the other teacher unions, we are pleased to respond to the evidence provided by other statutory consultees in response to the 29th remit to the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB). In our initial evidence we called on the STRB to be unconstrained by the government’s continued focus on affordability, their unwillingness to address the funding issue and the need for pay to be restored to competitive levels if the issue of teacher recruitment is to be addressed. We are disappointed by the government’s continued stance on affordability....

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