Your Voice - October 2020

Quarterly members' magazine with updates about Voice, industry news and events listings.

In this Issue:

  • Voice Update: COVID-19 
    From the Blog 
  • Voice Rewards
  • Voice News
  • Assistant General Secretary’s voice
  • Welcome from General Secretary Roy Rickhuss
  • Voice Section of Community 
  • Community membership    
  • Voice Focus: BATOD
  • Voice Focus: Annual survey results
  • Legal Focus: Safety in the Workplace in the time of COVID-19
  • Pattinson & Brewer Legal Advertorial
  • Student Focus (pdf)
  • Early Years Workforce Commission  (pdf)
  • FHE: The impact of COVID-19 on qualifications and assessment
  • Teachers’ Pay (England)/ Pensions (UK)
  • Wales: News & updates 
  • Scotland: News & updates
  • Northern Ireland
  • TES SEN Show London