Transfer 2020

The ballot we held in 2019 provided a strong mandate from members to transfer with Community, with 71% voting to transfer. Since the announcement of the result, members have contacted us to say that such a large mandate should not be ignored. With this is mind, the decision has been taken by Council to ballot the membership again.

Council unanimously voted to hold this ballot again as they believe that transferring to Community provides the best and most viable option of securing and strengthening Voice’s future and its services to you, our members. In view of this, Council recommends members vote Yes to the transfer.

Ballot update

Voice has appointed Civica Election Services as the independent scrutineers for the ballot of members on the resolution to approve the instrument of transfer of engagements of Voice to Community. Voting in this ballot ended on 31 July 2020.

Reasons to vote yes

Chris Wilson, Vice President

Click here to see more videos on reasons to vote yes in the upcoming ballot from Voice staff, volunteers and members.

Who are Community?

Community is creating a new kind of trade union. They have spent decades protecting workers in the UK, and are now widening the scope of their membership. Commmunity represents professionals across a variety of sectors, as well as the traditional industries, they have members in:

  • Justice sector
  • Finance sector
  • Social work sector
  • Charitable sector

Find out more about community via their website.  

Community has the infrastructure and resources to enable our union to develop and grow in strength, allowing us to provide better services to you, our members. Most importantly it will ensure that the union you chose to join continues with the core values it enshrines, albeit under a different name.

"We want to put the members at the heart of the union"

Roy Rickhuss, General Secretary of Community

What are the benefits to me?

As a Voice member, you currently get the following benefits:

  • advice, support and legal representation with issue that arise;
  • property / motor vehicle / personal accident & hospitalisation insurance;
  • legal support and representation to Voice members and their families for non-workplace related issues through Pattinson & Brewer;
  • access to our online resources;
  • quarterly and monthly updates from our digital members magazine and emails;
  • take advantage of free workshop and conferences; and
  • make the most of our cost-saving discounts and offers from Voice Rewards.

Community have membership benefits that you don’t currently receive as a Voice member. By transferring to Community, you would also receive these benefits:

  • A Benevolent Fund – we hope you never need it, but if you do fall on harder times, then Community can support our members financially through those difficult times.
  • Higher Education Bursaries – thinking of going back to education, or have a son or daughter going to university? Then Community’s bursary scheme could support you or your children in the first year of study.
  • Charity Fund – if you are part of sports or social club and would like to receive funding for something, for instance a new sports kit sponsorship, or if you’re raising funds for a local charity or good cause, you could apply to the Community Charity Fund
  • Child Benefit – registered children receive birthday cards and gifts at key milestones in their lives; and
  • Life Change Benefit – (for example financial help during bereavement) – life sometimes deals us things that are unexpected, Community’s Life Change benefit gives members a little extra help at those key moments in life.

As part of a larger union that is itself part of the wider trade union movement, our voice on wider employment issues would be much more influential.

"I will always put the wishes and the needs of our members first and foremost before any affiliation"

Roy Rickhuss, General Secretary of Community

When will the Ballot be?

The ballot will be held in Summer 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is to be confirmed. All members will be posted their ballot paperwork via our ballot partner, Civica.

If members have not received their paperwork they should contact Civica directly by calling 020 8365 8909 or by email and they will arrange for the papers to be reissued.

Your questions answered by Deborah Lawson and Roy Rickhuss

Who are Community?

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