Support Staff

Membership includes:

  • secure advice, support and legal representation if issues arise at work;
  • insurance for your personal items at work;
  • an online library of Voice resources;
  • industry news from our regular members’ magazine and email updates;
  • free workshops and conferences; and
  • fantastic cost-savings and discounts with Voice Rewards.

Voice is the union that provides specialist membership services for support staff working within the education and early years profession.

Regardless of your job, whether you offer support in the classroom or you work within the administration, catering or grounds-keeping team, you provide an invaluable service that keeps your workplace operating.

At Voice, we’re here to support members by negotiating with local and national government for better funding and legislation within the education and early years sector; we support members where issues arise in the workplace with personalised advice and representation; we make sure we’re always in our member’s corner, ready to offer the support they need, when they need it.

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