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Membership includes:

  • advice, support and legal representation with issue that arise;
  • property / motor vehicle / personal accident & hospitalisation insurance;
  • free legal helpline for non-employment issues;
  • access to our online resource library;
  • receive quarterly and monthly news updates;
  • take advantage of free workshop and conferences; and
  • make the most of our cost-saving discounts and offers from Voice Rewards.

Voice is the independent trade union that provides membership services for education professionals.

Our team are working hard to represent members at local and national government negotiations to secure better legislation and funding within the education sector. We also support individual members experiencing issues in their workplace with personalised advice and representation.

Voice is the union that’s always in your corner. Our Customer First award means we’re focused on putting members first. Voice’s friendly and approachable team are dedicated to offering the best standard of service to all members. So why not join us today and secure the protection you deserve.

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