Self-Employed Teachers

If you’re self-employed, then Voice is the career partner for you. We understand the important role that self-employed staff play within education and we’re here to support you through the unique challenges you face in your career.

We want to make your like easier, that’s why our self-employed membership includes public liability and indemnity insurance. One less thing for you to worry about.

As a trade union, Voice is available to offer you advice, guidance and when needed, representation in any workplace issues of disputes that arise.

Our team works tirelessly to represent members at local and national level to secure better legislation, funding and focus within the education sector. 

We believe that each member is equally important and faces unique challenges, that’s why we never offer a one-size-fits-all solution when members approach us. we tailor our solution to your issue to ensure you get the support, advice and representation that you deserve. 

Voice is always in your corner. Our friendly and approachable team are committed to providing the best service to all members. Join Voice today and secure the protection you deserve.

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